Why We Should Stop Hating Our Hip Dips

Hip dips - something I didn't even know was a thing until a few years ago. I didn't know it had a name - all I knew was that I had these dips in my hips and they would make me feel terrible about wearing anything tight fitting.

I've never had a "bad" figure - I'm lucky, I've been blessed with an arse and large legs. Which I like - but I couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted to cover up my hips. All my favourite celebrities who I looked up to dearly had perfectly rounded hips that complimented whatever they wore. But for me - I just looked like I had a muffin top.

If you're familiar with the fitness industry, you'll know that there are literally thousands of videos online that are targeted at people with hip dips. These videos are usually filled with exercises on how to get rid of them.

Admittedly, I've watched a few of these videos expecting to transform my body. But the reality is, there is no exercise on this planet where you can change the structure of your bones. And that's what hip dips are caused by - your bone structure.

Thankfully, I came across Busybee Carys. Carys is a fitness & fashion blogger with a following of just over 600k. She actively shows off her hip dips and talks about how they're natural and occur in most women. Because she is quite frankly quad goals, I started to notice that her hip dips added to her muscly physique which made me feel amazing. Since around mid-2018, I have become hooked on the idea of having a muscly physique - so seeing how hip dips helped in that department really made me think twice about my hatred towards my own.

She also made me become aware of the fact we can't get rid of our hip dips. Sure, we can do exercises that'll work the side booty, making your hips look fuller - but they will never go. Posing also plays a massive role in hiding hip dips. Your favourite influencer is probably just hiding them. For example:

Nikki Blackketter, fitness influencer and Gymshark athlete, has hip dips. I've seen them in a few of her workout videos, but you wouldn't know from pictures because she knows how to pose. Which is fine - if you want to pose in a way that's going to make you feel your most sexy, then go for it. 

But I think it's about time we started seeing more hip dips on Instagram and other social media. There are too many women in this world that have them and think they're not normal. It's about time we stopped telling women how to change their bodies, but tell them how to be the best version of themselves. 

To all fitness influencers that make videos targetting women with insecurities: you need to get a hobby and be more real with your following. It's so refreshing to see these "perfect" women being honest with their insecurities to make sure their followers don't feel the same. Be like them.

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💓 Phoebe xoxo  


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  2. i have been insecure about my hip dips since i realized that society has labeled them as ‘not beautiful’. this article really helped and i’d like to thank you for that!

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