Cruelty-Free Beauty: The Pip Box Review

Hi guys! Today I have one of my most exciting reviews yet - The Pip Box. If you've only just come across my blog, I'm vegan and live a cruelty-free lifestyle so when The Pip Box reached out to me, I knew that I had to do this review.

What is The Pip Box? 

The Pip Box is a cruelty-free beauty subscription box that aims to help beauty lovers make the switch to cruelty-free with their cosmetics. The beauty boxes are sent out every month and contain 5 beauty products with a few extras. The box is only £20 to purchase with FREE delivery and it has an average value of £45+! I decided to work it out for myself and this box comes to £46.38 - what a bargain! On top of that, for every box sold, they donate 50p to the charity Animal Free Research UK.

The box I received is called The Energise Edit, which has a focus on health, fitness, and wellbeing. When I first found this out, I instantly became excited. As someone who has recently got into fitness and health, I knew this was the perfect box for me.

The Products

Human+Kind. Face Cleanser 

When it comes to facial washes, I usually stick with Soap and Glory but as that contains plastic beads, I wanted something that was a little bit more natural and not as harsh on my skin. This is LOVELY to my skin and leaves it feeling super soft. It also contains rosehip oil which I put on my skin anyway and it's a miracle worker! 

Benecos. Concealer Palette

I woke up this morning with the biggest spot on my chin and there was absolutely no way that I was going to leave the house like that. I put the tiniest amount of the green concealer on the spot along with my actual concealer and it worked like a charm. I was really happy and you should definitely try it too! 

Fit Pit. Peppermint Deodorant 

I have recently got into using natural deodorant since discovering the risks of aluminium on the skin. Receiving this was super exciting, especially as it's handmade by The Green Woman on Etsy. 

The idea is to put a pea-sized amount of the product onto your fingertips and rub it into your armpits. It goes into the skin nicely and doesn't feel sticky at all. I wasn't a massive fan of the smell but it's not strong enough for me to not use it anyway. I'm really impressed with how long it lasted on the skin and I would definitely purchase this in the future!

Naissance. Work it out Massage Oil

As someone who works out 6 times a week, I am constantly suffering from DOMS so this was a very exciting product to receive. This massage oil feels silky, smooth and relaxing on my aching muscles - I especially enjoyed it on my quads. Would recommend! 

Made by Coopers. Awaken Mist

This was the first item I tested out from this box as it was the most exciting to me. I start my morning off with an early gym session, and then I come home to work. Because of this, I find myself falling asleep at 3pm due to the comforts of my home and the intense workout. This mist contains 5 essential oils including grapefruit, orange, black pepper, palmarosa, and frankincense and it claims to awaken the soul and lift the spirits. 

I have to say that as soon as I sprayed this mist, I was amazed by how refreshing it smelt. It could be a psychological thing, but I feel as if I felt a lot more awake from this mist. I straight away smelt the orange and it was a lovely summery scent. 

Bonus Items

T+ Detox Tea

Vegan Life Magazine Digital Download

Plant Based Life Event Ticket

I was super happy with everything that was included in this box. I loved it so much that I've purchased September's box (Zen edition) myself. If you're thinking of switching to cruelty-free within your beauty products, this is the perfect little starter pack to get you on your way. Thank you so much to The Pip Box for sending me this little bundle of delight to review!

Purchase The Pip Box HERE - save 10% off with the code SAVE10

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions for future blog posts. I am also happy to answer any questions about veganism you may have.
💓 Phoebe xoxo 

** Although I was sent this product for free, this post is NOT sponsored and all views are my own. 


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