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On January 22nd, I started my fitness journey and I never expected to fall in love with it as much as I have. If you would like me to go into more detail about my thoughts and feelings on my journey so far (with progress pics) then please let me know!

As part of my fitness journey, I decided to follow a bunch of fitness bloggers on Instagram - the majority of them being Gymshark athletes. The girls I'm going to feature on my blog post not only look fab but also spread amazing messages about fitness.

Carys Gray (busybee.carys)

Carys is definitely one of my favourite fitness bloggers out there. She doesn't just have an amazing physique (look at those DREAM QUADS) but is also such a sweet person who truly cares about her following and wants to do good things with her platform. She's recently announced that she's going to release an 8-week fitness guide for only £15 - which is amazing since most of these guides are around £40! She has prominent hip dips and wears them with pride, which definitely boosts my confidence since I have them and struggle with the look of them - I've realised now that because it's my bone structure, I can't change them and just have to embrace them! So that's what I'll do - and Carys has definitely helped me with that. 

Grace Beverley (gracefituk)

Not only is she vegan, but she's a massive promoter of self-love and girl power! She has her own guides and Facebook group where she encourages many girls on their fitness journeys to support each other! Her booty gains are my absolute goals so I'll often go back to her Instagram page for a little bit of motivation! 

Melissa Alcantara (fitgurlmel) 

She's Kim Kardashian's trainer and if that's not enough to persuade you to follow her then I don't know what will! She trains her body like an absolute boss and you can tell by her amazing figure! While writing this, I found out she has a daughter! This. Woman. Has. A. Daughter. And she looks like this! There's not much I can say apart from wow! 

Whitney Simmons (whitneyysimmons)

Whitney Simmons is just the cutest ever! I love watching her YouTube videos and she does a series called Fit Tips with Whit where she shares her tips on how to survive at the gym, what exercises to do for certain body parts etc. I've sure learned a lot from her tips. She also taught me how to use a foam roller - I need to be taught the most simple things!

Stefanie Moir (naturallystefanie)

I've known about Stefanie since before I even cared about fitness because she has a vegan YouTube channel. She did (or still does, I'm not sure) a series on her channel where she would try out vegan foods at different restaurant chains! She definitely has a healthy relationship with food and won't turn down junk food if offered! Stefanie shows non-vegans that vegans can, in fact, build muscle and we aren't weak. Just look at those abs! 

Elle Darby (elledarby)

I'm not sure if Elle considers herself a fitness blogger anymore as she seems to have swayed more into the fashion and beauty genre but I'm going to include her in this list anyway! She promotes girl empowerment and self-love to the fullest! She's the cutest ever to her followers and calls them her angels, which I think is so sweet! I also included her in a photo with her boyfriend, Connor Swift because he's also majorly into fitness so if you're a guy and you're looking for inspiration, you should definitely check him out!

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions for future blog posts. I am also happy to answer any questions about veganism you may have.
💓 Phoebe xoxo 


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