10 Festive Outfits You NEED This Christmas

Happy December, guys! I'm so glad it's finally here.

If you know me personally, you know I LOVE Christmas clothes, especially Christmas jumpers so I decided to be a good person and put together a list of amazing Christmas clothes that you NEED to bag this year ;)


If you must know one thing about me, it's that I LOVE jumper dresses. I think they're super cute with thigh high boots and a choker to match. This jumper dress is adorable because it features the famous Christmas quote from the amazing film "Home Alone 2". This outfit would also be perfect for Christmas day because let's be real, who doesn't wanna be comfortable on that day?

I know that it's a tradition for a lot of people to pyjamas for Christmas Eve, and there's nothing cuter than these. The little gold gingerbread men really make this pyjama set and if you look closely, some of them have been bitten into and they look angry (Hehe!). Also, I don't know about you but red is the colour that really puts me in that Christmas mood so these pyjamas will make you feel festive AF.

Have you ever wanted to dress up as an elf for bed? No? Well, now you can anyway! This onesie is perfect to be lounging around in during Christmas evening while you're binge-watching all your fave holiday films on Netflix! Again, the colours are amazing and nothing looks more Christmassy than green and red together.

Or, if you fancy something a little more put together, this dress will look super cute without leaving out the "ugly Christmas jumper vibe". Again, pair it with knee-high boots, or your slippers ;) for a finished look!

I really love t-shirts like this, I think they're really silly and fun and what's better than having ribbons on your boobs? Uh, nothing! If you're not looking for anything too traditional to wear over the Christmas season then this is perfect for you. It's simple but effective.


This jumper is amazing. Home Alone is THE film to watch at Christmas so why not represent it on your jumper? I love the old school vibe to it and also because it's oversized (I'm a sucker for anything baggy on me).

Christmas and cats are my two favourite things so this t-shirt is a dream. If my boyfriend wore this I would probably propose to him (I'm completely serious). This t-shirt would be great to wear to the last day of work (if you're allowed) or for a Christmas themed day out!

This jumper is perfect if you want to be in the Christmas spirit without being too "out there" as we all know that most Christmas jumpers are extra. I also love this because it's a Kanye inspired look and I really love his merch. So grab this! I'm actually tempted to myself. 

Okay, maybe this sweater is a little cheesy but we all love a good naughty Christmas joke, don't deny it! This t-shirt should definitely always be worn around your girlfriend/boyfriend and not your family, something tells me they won't appreciate it!

Most men dream of pin-up girls being in their Christmas stocking, and now's your chance! Here's another discreet Christmas t-shirt if you're not a fan of being extra. I like this idea, it's simple but effective. 

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πŸ’“ Phoebe xoxo

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  1. I love how Christmassy and festive your choices are! I especially love the jumper dress, it’s so cute! X

    Erin // Everything Erin

  2. I'm definitely gonna buy a Christmas jumper this year. They're so amazing.


  3. I am LOVING the Christmas jumper dress! Definitely need this in my life. Fab picks for winter!

    Sarah x

  4. I never owned any Christmas clothing but I love some of your choices especially the ones with slogans!


  5. I need EVERYTHING the men and the women's aha! I think my favourite is the gingerbread PJ's, they're gorgeous! This was such a good post lovely!

  6. I remember last year wanting to leave the house to go to the mall in a Christmas hat, but the person in my life was like there is no way you're going to wear that 😣 You would end up embarrassing yourself in public. Ah, talk about party pooper πŸ˜› Maybe Christmas pajamas when at home is the option for me rather 😊

  7. Erm I LOVE this post! Giving me allll the festive fashion feels!

  8. These are so adorable!

    xoxo Sienna


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