Support Non-Vegan Companies When They Make Vegan Products!

Recently there's been controversy circulating the vegan community. Should we support non-vegan companies when they make vegan products?

In my opinion, we totally should!

Think about it this way, the more you buy this one vegan product out of the 100s of non-vegan products they have to offer, the higher the demand for it will be. Veganism is on the rise and eventually, there will be more than a few vegan products to choose from - but we can only do this by demanding it!

McDonalds has come out with a completely vegan burger in Finland and I've seen many vegans say that they wouldn't buy it because they don't want to give their coins to such a cruel corporation, which I totally understand, but like I've said before, none of us are 100% vegan and sometimes we need to do things we're not comfortable with to get our point across.

In early September, Ben & Jerry's released dairy-free ice creams and again, half of the vegan community was going crazy for it, and the other half were going crazy against it.

No matter what, you are going to buy vegan products from a non-vegan corporation unless of course, you grow your own vegetables or shop in a 100% vegan store, which I assume most of us don't as it's not the cheapest thing to do.

When you buy your veggies at Tesco, you're giving your money to them even though they sell meat. 

So why is it any different when you buy vegan products from McDonalds or Ben & Jerry's?

Please leave me your thoughts below...

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