How I Went From Hating Books to Loving Them

Credit: Choices Wiki
My whole life I have been disinterested in books. When I was younger I was forced to read but when I got to upper school (years 9 - 11) I didn't get a book out of the library once. This is mainly because I thought books were lame and I was way more interested in watching the new episode of Orange Is The New Black. Since leaving education for good and entering the world of work, I promised myself that I would start reading. I didn't have any books in my house that I was interested in reading so I checked out this app called Choices.

Choices is essentially a game where you're reading a story - but you can customise the characters looks and their actions. For example, a character could ask you if you fancy going to homecoming with them and you would be able to choose the answer.

Credit: Choices Wiki
I'm currently reading The Freshman Book 3 and I'm almost at the end of Rules of Engagement Book 3 and the stories are really interesting. I usually stick to romance but there are many different genres to pick from. The current books to choose from are:

  • The Freshman
  • Most Wanted
  • The Crown & The Flame
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Endless Summer
  • LoveHacks
  • The Haunting of Braidwood Manor
  • The Royal Romance
  • The Sophomore
  • Hero
  • High School Story
A similar app to Choices is Episode, which I've also enjoyed playing. Episode, instead of showing the characters from the waist up, you can see their entire body and they make body language, can dance, eat, drive, etc. Episode also has stories based on movies/tv shows like Clueless, Pretty Little Liars, and Mean Girls.

Since downloading these apps I have fallen in love with the enjoyment and suspense of reading. I've read Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone and I'm currently reading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Shane Dawson's I Hate Myselfie and Jim Chapman's 147 Things.

I honestly read more than I watch TV now and I never thought I would say that, but I'm so glad I do as it will also help improve my writing. So, that's a bonus along with my genuine enjoyment.

If you find yourself very rarely or never reading books, I hope this blog post helped you fall back in love. Download Choices and see for yourself! :)

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