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It's October, so that means that Christmas is right around the corner. Are you worried that you're not going to be able to do your Christmas shopping in time? Wish that there was a website that has all types of gifts for all types of people? Well, today is your lucky day...

Who are Uncommon Goods?

Uncommon Goods pride themselves in being a sustainable retailer for mostly handmade goods. Since their founding, they've featured products that contain recycled components and have not sold products containing leather, feathers, or fur and they are also committed to not selling products that have harmed people or animals. Vegans, this one is for you!

When entering the Christmas section of their website, I noticed that you can search for gifts in 4 different ways: By recipient, price, interest, or collection. So, to make this easier for you, I'm going to split this post per recipient, aren't I nice? 

For the men in your life:

Beeropoly £26.36
So, we all know that Monopoly can become a boring game after a while, and the vast majority of the time we give up before completion. But what could make it better? Yes, that's right. Adding beer into the mix would make it better. This is great for parties or just when you fancy it ;), but with Beeropoly, I really doubt you'll get bored. What's more fun than alcohol? Nothing.

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers £18.30
Is there a man in your life who likes golf and whiskey? Wishes he had both at the same time? You've just become his saviour! The set is packaged in a handcrafted, giftable wooden box, and is sure to become a summer essential in your bar set-up. The set includes 2 golf ball whiskey chillers, 1 canvas pouch, and 1 oak wood holder - bargain! 

For the women in your life:

Wine & Beverage Dispensing Tote £97.87

Us women love bags and wine so putting the two together sounds like a dream. The bag is able to hold five litres of wine so get ready to get tipsy! The bag is really interesting and better than a plain old black bag that most of us reach for, why not add a little colour to our lives? With wine ;)

What I Love About You by Me Book £7.53
Mums love sentimental and personalised gifts, at least mine does anyway! There's nothing better than receiving a gift from your kids that has meaning behind it - rather than receiving something they randomly picked out last minute. She shows you endless love, now send it back with the What I Love About You by Me book. Fill it out yourself and watch the tears stream!

I spent a great deal looking through Uncommon Goods and I bet you will too! Go and explore the site and see if anything catches your eye (it definitely will!)  

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions for future blog posts. I am also happy to answer any questions about veganism you may have.
💓 Phoebe xoxo

This post is in collaboration with Uncommon Goods, however, there are no affiliate links and all opinions are my own. **


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