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I'm always looking for new ways to look after myself. I spend a lot of my day sitting in front of a screen working and it can't be good for me. Recently I bought myself the Cupcake fresh face mask from Lush and I'm loving it, so please let me know if you'd like a review on it.

I kindly got in contact with Camilla from Arbonne and she sent me some samples of their products to try out.

Arbonne makes vegan and cruelty-free skincare, haircare, makeup, health food, etc and sells it online and through their catalogue. I was intrigued by their company, not only because they're vegan, but because their products are carbon neutral and zero waste.

The first product I was sent was their foundations. My first initial thoughts were that they didn't have many dark shades, as I know this is important for people of colour, I thought I would point it out. However, I found my shade, Honey Beige, and found it to be light to medium coverage and it made my skin look flawless. I don't enjoy wearing foundation because sometimes it can feel too heavy and cakey but this foundation was light and I couldn't tell that it was on. I used Fair under my eyes to brighten them and I used Toffee Bronze as contour, it worked well, however, once I put Toffee Bronze on, it looked like I had just smeared loads onto my face and it didn't look cute, so a little goes a long way when it comes to this foundation. I took it off and reapplied the contour colour and it looked perfect and blended out really well. I also tried the primer, I wasn't a fan of this as it felt extremely oily on my face - but still did the job of blurring my pores.

Secondly, I was sent their RE9 Advanced skincare, this is recommended for women over the age of 30, so I gave it to my Mum, however, I did try the Night Repair from the collection and it made my skin feel soft and rejuvenated.

After that, I gave their hand cream a try. My first impression was that I wasn't a fan of the smell, it smelt a little like eczema cream to me but it made my hands feel super soft so that's enough to get my vote.

I tried Arbonne's shampoo and conditioner, this was so amazing for my hair I am considering buying myself some. I have long, thick hair and sometimes it can be so irritating but the shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel soft, light and easy to brush. The shampoo and conditioner smelled like lemons, which was fresh and wakening.

The cleanser & toner made my skin feel baby soft. Again, like the hand cream, I wasn't a big fan of the smell but it is bearable and not too overpowering.

Lastly, they threw in a pomegranate food supplement drink, I liked the taste of this although it was extremely sweet. I felt more awake and ready for the day after drinking it.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend Arbonne to anyone who wants high-quality skincare and haircare products. I would definitely purchase some of the products I reviewed today for you guys!

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions for future blog posts. I am also happy to answer any questions about veganism you may have.
💓 Phoebe xoxo

**This post is NOT sponsored, however, I was sent the products for free to be reviewed. 


  1. Hi Phoebe. After connecting with you the other day I thought I'd check back and see your review! I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the products. Have a look at your consultant's website too as there is so much more from Arbonne! Rebecca x

    1. I loved the Arbonne products a lot and would love to work with them again in the future! I'm glad you liked the review :)

      If you have any suggestions for future posts, please let me know.

      Phoebe x


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