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As a whole, we have become more and more aware of how important it is to save the planet and how if we don't change now, there's no going back. However, there are still many actions that individuals can take that'll do just that little bit extra.

Buying yourself a reusable straw is a great start but this doesn't automatically turn you into an environmentalist. Now, I'm not saying continue using plastic straws, but they only take up a small percentage of the ocean. We need to think deeper - but what can we do? 
I am by no means plastic-free but it is something that is on my mind every day and I am trying to do my bit to help the planet. What I have done so far: I bought a bamboo toothbrush. We go through toothbrushes every few months so you can imagine how many stick around for thousands of years. I bought these from Amazon and you can get them in a pack of 2 or 8. They're great quality and you can use them longer than you would a plastic toothbrush. I use a tot…

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